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Facebook: ‘We Will Make Our Product Worse, You Will Be Upset, And Then You Will Live With It’

…and it’s worth adding that Facebook didn’t auto-read the title of the link when I shared it on Facebook and made me have to change it manually. Shoddy work, but I guess I have to live with it, if I want to share that link with everyone.

But in all seriousness, The Onion hit the nail on the head… again. Every time there is a new crappy change, I see lots of empty threats from friends to quit Facebook if it is not changed back. Right. It’s the people that make the big fuss that are glued to it and need it to make their day complete. They aren’t going anywhere.

Something About the Spurs’ Faces…

There aren’t many people in this world whose mere appearance makes me want to punch them in the face. Manu Ginobili is one of these people. Tim Duncan and his stupid “What’d I do?!?” shoulder-shrug look is one of these people. Condescending Gregg Popovich in any press conference is one of these people.

Gilbert shooting involves multiple victims, authorities say

If this reporting holds true, then J.T. Ready tragically seals his fate as the full-on terrible, crazy human being he has made him out to be for the past several years. Sad for the other victims that he went out this way


And the verdict from investigators is that JT Ready indeed shoot the others before shooting himself. What a coward.

I could get used to having a morning view like this very quickly

My wife and  I love visiting the mountains and mountain lakes. Recently we spent a few days at Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful. Last summer we spent a good amount of time up in Montana and Glacier National Park. It is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. This was the second trip I had made to Glacier and it reminded me how much I love the area. I want to live in Kalispell, MT. This recent visit to Tahoe rekindled that desire. The view from the shore reminded me of the beautiful views around Flathead Lake and the mountain views made me miss the beautiful views of the Rockies. Give me a nice mountain lake over the ocean any day.

The posts in my newsfeed have led me to believe that many…

The posts in my newsfeed have led me to believe that many of you cheat big time with Words With Friends. If you are going to use a cheater app to find big words to play, at least pick the words that people have at least heard before. It makes it more believable that you are just naturally good at making big words and not letting a computer do the thinking for you. Try my app –