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Bad Tattoo Art Walk

The pool area of our apartments on a Saturday is more like a bad tattoo art walk – both male and female equally represented. Granted, there are very few tattoo scenarios that I won’t classify as bad tattoos.

A few observations on my first trip to Seattle:1. Beautiful…

A few observations on my first trip to Seattle:

1. Beautiful scenery
2. Probably the worst radio station lineup I’ve heard (and before you say something obvious like, “but all public radio sucks,” I know this, but you can always find some tolerable station when given no other options, but not here)
3. Seattle drivers might actually be bigger a-holes than L.A. drivers
4. People in Phoenix like to complain about how bad the drivers there are when it rains, but I contend that driving obnoxiously slow is better than 5 accidents over a 20-mile stretch – maybe Seattle drivers just don’t possess the skills to safely execute their a-hole driving